hosp_visit01A big part of our mission as members of the Wheelin’ Jazz is to helpĀ those newly injured transition from what they knew to the unknown. It is in our nature to be frightened and apprehensiveĀ when faced with new challenges. Our teammates regularly go to hospitals and rehab centers to meet newly injured patients to help them transition to their “different life.”

Sometimes it’s just a friend to talk to, answer questions, be a listening ear. Sometimes it’s helping to learn how to transfer from the wheelchair to a car or cross a non-accessible curb. Whatever the situation, we are dedicated to helping people learn the boundaries of their new life, then shatter the boundaries with new skills.

A spinal cord injury or leg amputation is devastating, life-changing, and initially creates the belief that any kind of recreation or outdoor activity is impossible. We set out to prove those ideas wrong. We show the newly injured that life does go on and we show them how to do it. We then welcome them to our world of wheelchair sports. It is truly life changing.