Junior Division Pre-season Rankings

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The Junior Wheelin’ Jazz finished the first year strong with a great showing at the National Tournament. Our second year starts off with a bang with a top 25 ranking in the pre-season poll.

The Executive Committee of the Junior Division is excited to post the Pre-Season Top 32 and kick off another great season of Wheelchair Basketball.  Good luck to all teams as they fight through the competition on the way to the 2010-2011 National Championship.  Keep up with all the action on www.nwba.org!  Teamwork and sportsmanship reign supreme in one of the toughest fields in Junior Division history!

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves – 3 in a row – who will stop a 4th?
  2. Rancho Renegades- another final 4 very possible
  3. Michigan Rollin’ Pistons- main core of players back this could be the year.
  4. Bennet Blazers- the beast of the east – don’t count them out
  5. Nebraska Red Dawgs- more mature and getting better every year
  6. Houston TIRR Hotweels- good group of talent
  7. Wheelin’ Wizards- young and aggressive
  8. San Diego Hammer- Nice finish last year can they improve
  9. Sterling Heights Challengers- Good balance on the floor and tenacious D
  10. Seattle Jr. Sonics – every year they make a run
  11. Music City Thunder- Have been together for a while, might surprise?
  12. St. Lukes Tornados- looking for back to back Varsity runs
  13. Windy City Warriors- could be a top 10 team
  14. Turnstone Flyers- young but will be ready to play
  15. Katie’s Komets- a fixture every year and always play tough
  16. Long Island Lightening- could be the year they make a move
  17. Dallas Junior Mavericks- 2010 N.I.T. Champions with full squad back, hmmmm!
  18. RHI Mini Pacers- loss of key players – can they make it back to “The Game”?
  19. Georgia Blazers- 40 min. of hustle every night
  20. Nebraska Red Dawgs- will make a strong push for a Varsity Bid – watch out!
  21. Lakeshore Lakers- looking to make some noise at the varsity level
  22. Oklahoma Blaze- very young squad but will ‘do work’
  23. Charlotte Rollin’ Bobcats- not happy with last years finish watch out this year
  24. Utah Jr. Wheelin’ Jazz– nice top 8 finish last could improve this year
  25. Phoenix Banner Wheelchair Suns- stumbled early last year but came back strong
  26. Hammond Rollin’ Hoosiers- they did themselves proud last year – may make waves
  27. Denver Jr. Rolling Nuggets- the home team wants to make some major noise this year
  28. Grand Rapids Jr. Pacers- There goal is always varsity so dont get in their way
  29. New Jersey Jr. Nets- Did an excellent job with a young squad
  30. Mad City Badgers- not the biggest but may play the hardest
  31. Minnesota Gophers.- first year showed they ‘got game’
  32. Milwaukee Heat – never gave up played all 40 min.

Bring freedom, fitness & health to people with disabilities

The Wheelin’ jazz are committed to the disabled community where ever they may be. For this reason, we invite you to help our friends in Arizona get the votes they need to win the Pepsi Refresh Project. Simply click here to go to the web page and vote.

About Rio Salado Rowing Club-Adaptive Rowing Program

Since 1991, Rio Salado Rowing Club has worked to establish the sport of rowing in the Arizona desert. Our recreational & competitive members enjoy rowing’s many wellness & social benefits. We are now partnering with community organizations to bring the rowing experience to people with disabilities.


  • To address the health & fitness needs of people with disabilities
  • To introduce rowing as a viable sport for everyone
  • To expand our adaptive program from indoor classes to on-water rowing
  • To teach 50 people with disabilities to row on the water per year
  • To prepare 5 adaptive athletes to become competitive rowers per year

Please click here to vote and support a worthy cause.

2nd Annual Turkey Shootout Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

2nd Annual Turkey Shootout Tournament – November 19-21
The 2nd Annual Turkey Shootout Wheelchair Basketball Tournament is in the books. All Utah teams had a great showing. The Wheelin’ Jazz finished 4-0, the Junior Wheelin’ Jazz went 4-1, and our newest (not quite official) D3 team went 4-0.

Final Results from the 2nd Annual Turkey Shootout.

Friday Nov 19
Borp 34 Utah 51 Jrs
Rancho 47 Utah 52 Jrs
Denver 48 St Lukes 43 Jr
Rancho 60 Utah 66 CD

Saturday Nov 20
Denver 19 St Lukes 46 Jr
Borp 35 Utah 43 Jr
Utah 53 St Lukes 26 D3
Utah 58 Rancho 43 CD
Borp 40 St Lukes 56 Jr
Utah 61 Rancho 45 CD
Rancho 47 Denver 34 Jr
Utah 47 St Lukes 21 D3
St Lukes 55 Utah 66 Jr
Borp 37 Rancho 52 Jr
Utah 49 St Lukes 41 D3
Utah 80 Rancho 68 OT CD

Sunday Nov 21
Denver 50 Utah 44 Jr
St Lukes 46 Utah 50 D3
Rancho 48 Utah 59 CD
Denver 27 Borp 41 Jr
Rancho 58 St Lukes 45 Jr

We thank Salt Lake County Adaptive for providing not only the facilities but also all transportation to the teams, and meals for the players. Pizza Plus in Riverton provided pizza on Friday night and Joe Morley’s provided lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. The Hampton Inn, Sandy, was the host hotel. We thank all our tournment sponsors.

You can also help with a donation at http://donate.wheelinjazz.com. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

APX Alarms makes Donation

Feb 27, 2010 – APX Alarm Systems recently invited the Wheelin’ Jazz to their facility in Provo, Utah to play a game against the management team. In addition, the APX Family Foundation made a $5,000 donation to Neuroworx to aid the Wheelin’ Jazz in their upcoming travels.

First up, Shawn Brenchley wanted to put his managers to the test by having them play against one another. With a trip to Disneyland on the line, they went at it for 20 minutes. Competition was fierce and when the horn sounded, nothing had been decided. It took an extra five minute overtime period to decide the game.

Then the Wheelin’ Jazz took the court. After spotting the APX managers a 10 point lead, they realized that these guys were just a bit too athletic and fell to the APX team. Wheelin’ Jazz members in attendance included Mike Schlappi, Rod Niemann, Bret Reminton, and Layne Mangum as well as Junior members Sam Blakley, Aimee Vargas, Marshall Lindsay, Jason Hall, and Spencer Heslop.

After the game, Shawn Brenchley presented the donation to Mike Schlappi, member of the Neuroworx board of directors. Mike expressed his sincere appreciation for the gift and gave a short inspirational message to all that attended.

A big thank you to APX Alarms and the APX Family Foundation for the opportunity to share our talents with them, and the generous donation they offered. Please visit the APX website by clicking here.

Weekly Update 11/17/09

Ok, the week of our tournament is here. Friday, teams begin to arrive early in the day all the way into the night. We’re excited. It has been about 14 years since we hosted a tournament. This first one will be a challenge but it’s going to be fun.

A big shout out to Jeff Burley. Jeff is the Director of Adaptive Sports for Salt Lake County, host of our tournament. What a vision Jeff has. In the short time as director, Jeff has built a quality program which includes Basketball, Quad Rugby, Golf, Power Chair Soccer, Softball, and others. Jeff understands that if he wants to be successful, the athletes need equipment. He has purchased 10 basketball and 10 rugby chairs and continues to build his inventory. Thanks Jeff. Working together, we will build a program that will be envied throughout the country.

We finished up our T-Shirt fundraiser. We raised $3,200 of which, about $950 has to go back into producing the shirts. So we were able to add a net total of $2,250 to our budget. Unfortunately, this is far short of what we did last year when we grossed $4,800 and netted $4,200. With our current plans, we are about $1,500 short of what we need.

Thank you for your continued support. If you get a wild hair, take the donation button for a test drive. Remember we have money saving coupons that really help the team financially. You save big on services like oil changes, and 40% of your purchase goes directly to the team.


Weekly Update 11/07/09

We continue to prepare for our first tournament of the year. Practice sessions are lively. We are highly competetive and it helps everybody to play at a high level.

Our Juniors team is getting better each week. It will be fun to see them debut. It will be a tough weekend for them. They play one game Friday night then come back Saturday with four more games. Good thing they’re young. They’re going to need their youth.

Our T-Shirt fundraiser is wrapping up. You have maybe 3 more days to get your sponsorship. Go to tshirt.wheelinjazz.com and see the details.

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If you’re in the giving mood, you can also donate to the team online at wheelinjazz.com. All donations are welcome and you know that every dollar goes to our programs. We are always grateful for any donations that come our way.

Weekly Update 10/28/09

Always good things in Wheelin’ Jazz Land. We are into our second week of practice and the team is coming together. We are adding to our numbers and have a few newcomers that will someday be impact players. Right now, it’s a learning curve for them but they are learning and coming around.

The preseason poll is out and there’s no surprises. The Wheelin’ Jazz go into the 2009-10 season as the Number 3 team in the nation. We don’t put much into the polls as the teams change from year to year. It does give us a starting point and lets the other teams know to come after us. That should help us stay on top of our game.

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Remember we are hosting a tournament November 20-22. More details will follow but plan on some great hoops. Our new Juniors team will be competing as well as our mens team. We are excited to get the season started.

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Thanks for keeping up with the team. We’re lucky to have the best fans on the PLANET! GO WHEELIN’ JAZZ!