Wheelin’ Jazz Finish Impressive 2013-14 Season

Salt Lake City – March 6, 2014: The Wheelin’ Jazz returned from Las Vegas and our final tournament of the season this past weekend. The team has performed remarkably well this season and earned a top 5 ranking in the NWBA. We’re proud of our success.

jeff griffin mvpWe also had three of our players, Rod Neimann, Brian Allen, and Jeff Griffin honored to be selected to the NWBA All Star Team. The All Star game was played in conjunction with the NBA All Star Weekend. Our West team excelled and won a close game against the East squad. Wheelin’ Jazz standout, Jeff Griffin was named the MVP making him a 3 time recipient of this award. Read about the All Star Game here.

Unfortunately, our season has now come to a close. We are unable to attend the National Tournament due to funding reasons. The tournament is in Louisville KY and would be too expensive for our limited funds.

We want to thank our families, fans, sponsors, and supporters for all the cheers, applause, donations, and well wishes for helping us make this season great. If you’re interested in helping us in our future years, click here to go to our donation page. Every little bit helps. We’d love to represent our community in future National Tournament games. With your help, we can only go higher.


COMING SOON to Theaters, DVD, and Audio Book: Doin’ Hard Work

doin_hard_work_cropped_sm-erThe Wheelin’ Jazz have teamed up with JDQ Sports to bring you Doin’ Hard Work, the first-ever behind-the-scenes peek at the on-and-off the court lives of players from the Utah Wheelin’ Jazz; featuring Jeff Griffin, Layne Mangum, Tyler Lathem, and Sam Blakely.

Doin’ Hard Work takes place in the Summer of 2011 and explores how the human spirit overcomes insurmountable odds, while drawing subtle comparisons between today’s unknown sports heroes, professional athletes and the NBA Lockout.

Frank Layden (NBA Coach of the Year, 1984-Utah Jazz) narrates the journey of the Utah Wheelin’ Jazz team over one weekend, when they drove 1500 miles round trip, from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles, and slept at a campground to save money on hotels, in order to participate at the Nike 3-on-3 basketball tournament on the streets next to the Staples Center during the Summer of Lockout.

Click here to listen to chapter one of Doin’ Hard Work as narrated by Frank Layden.

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2010-11 Season Results

2010-11 Season Results
Jr Wheelin’ Jazz
Turkey Shootout
Nov 19-21
Midvale, UT
BORP 34 Utah 51
Rancho 47 Utah 52
BORP 35 Utah 43
St Lukes 55 Utah 66
Denver 50 Utah 44
AZ Invitational
Dec 11-12
Mesa, AZ
Utah 46 BORP 39
Utah 58 Nuggets 32
Utah 61 Suns 24
Nuggets 40 Utah 49
BORP 58 Utah 60 OT

Sam Blakley, MVP
Western Regional
Hayward CA
Feb 5-6
Utah 40 Rancho 39
Utah 69 BORP 24
Utah 45 Suns 26
Utah 53 Nuggets 43
Utah 46 Rancho 53
2nd Place
National Championships
Denver Colorado
April 7-10, 2011
Music City 34 Utah 62
Utah 57 Courage 84
Utah 68 Windy City 67
Utah 50 Sterling Heights 60
6th Place in the nation
Final Rank: 5th















2010-11 Season Results
Wheelin’ Jazz Championship Division
Turkey Shootout
Nov 19-21 
Midvale, UT
Rancho 60 Utah 66
Utah 58 Rancho 43
Utah 61 Rancho 45
Utah 80 Rancho 68 OT
Rancho 48 Utah 59
Bill & Julie Duncan Memorial
Dec 3-5
San Jose, CA
Utah 60 Rancho 34
U OF A 80 Utah 57
Utah 57 Golden State 66
Utah 65 Phoenix Suns 55
Las Vegas Desert Classic
Jan 8-9
Las Vegas, NV
Utah 60 Suns 55
Utah 56 Rancho 47
Utah 77 Grand Rapids 64
Utah 57 Golden State 60
Utah 54 UofA 67
Phoenix Roundup
Jan 28-30, 2011
Mesa, AZ
Utah 72 Va Beach 48
Utah 66 UofA 58
Utah 72 Golden State 67
Utah 67 Suns 63
Best in the West
Norwalk CA
Feb 11-13
Utah 60 LA Clippers 43
Utah 56 Suns 62
Utah 64 LA Lakers 56
Utah 68 Rancho 52
Utah 65 Suns 61
Utah 54 UofA 85
2nd Place
Las Vegas Tournament
March 19-20
Utah 40 Dallas 49
Utah 54 Clippers 41
UofA 68 Utah 39
Canada 54 Utah 46
National Championships
April 7-10, 2011
Denver Colorado
Rancho 53 Utah 62
Golden State 66 Utah 60
Phoenix Utah (W)
Grand Rapids 53 Utah 63
5th in the Nation




NWBA Championship Division Top 20 and Juniors Top 32 (Dec 2010)

The Men’s team moves from #7 to #5 in the latest poll. The Juniors make a big jump from #24 to #12. GREAT JOB Wheelin’ Jazz!!

Championship Division Rankings

Junior Division Top 32 – January 05 2011

January 03 2011
Championship Division Top 20 –
December Rankings:
1.  Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks
2.  University of Arizona Wildcats
3.  Orlando Magic Wheels
4.  Golden State Road Warriors
5.  Utah Wheelin’ Jazz
6.  Grand Rapids Pacers
7.  Charlottesville Cardinals
8.  Philadelphia Stars
9.  Shepherd Steelers
10. Rockford Chariots
11. Rancho Renegades
12. Virginia Sun Wheelers
13. Chicago Wheelchair Bulls
14. Banner Wheelchair Suns
15. Minnesota Timberwolves
16. LA Clippers Chairmen
17. Kansas Wheelhawks
18. RHI Pacers
19. Arkansas Rollin Razorbacks
20. Milwaukee Wheelchair Bucks

Honorable Mention teams: 
Madonna Magic
St. Louis Rolling Rams
Houston Rockets Rolling Warriors

1. Minnesota Timberwolves – 10 – 0 start, won 2 Regionals, defending Champions
2. Sterling Heights Challengers – 2nd place in Southwest Regional, only loss to #1
3. Bennett Blazers – close loss to Sterling, 3rd at SW Regional – #4 from 2010
4.  Michigan Rollin’ Pistons – many core players back
5. Nebraska Red Dawgs – 2nd to Courage in Northern Regional
6. Windy City Warriors – 3rd at Northern Regional and Split with NB
7. Houston TIRR – When starters stay in they are tough to beat
8. Rancho – tough loss to Utah but perennial top finisher
9. San Diego Hammer – Can they improve on last years #8 finish?
10. Seattle – #12 from last year and looking to improve
11. Music City – didn’t lose anyone from #13 finish and playing well
12. Utah Jr. Wheelin’ Jazz – Already beat Rancho, BORP, St. Lukes
13. Wheelin’ Wizards – lost key player but hoping to stay in top 16
14. St. Lukes – working hard to stay in contention
15. Turnstone Flyers – Young team but improving every tournament
16. Long Island Lightening – Showing improvement over last years finish
17. Dallas Jr. Mavericks – Inconsistent but #1 in JNIT last year
18. Katie’s Komets – always right here at the bubble, but improving
19. Tulsa – split with Dallas, young squad that is improving
20. RHI Pacers – loss of key players has presented problems
21. Georgia Blazers – another team working to rebuild
22. Lakeshore Lakers – strong program that always improves
23. Charlotte Rollin’ Bobcats – not happy with last years finish – will try to surprise
24. Phoenix Jr. Suns – another young program putting the pieces together
25. Hammond Rollin’ Hoosiers – slowly moving up the competition ladder
26. Denver Jr. Nuggets – young players  coming along nicely
27. Grand Rapids Jr. Pacers – will improve from last years finish
28. Mad City Badgers – always showing improvement
29. Nebraska B – if Neb splits  into a two rosters, this team will hold their own
30. Minnesota Jr. Gophers – played close to Nebraska B – will do well
31. Milwaukee Heat – could surprise as the season moves along
32. St. Louis Jr. Rams – historic program making their way back to Nationals?
On the horizon – Kansas – new program showing promise in the early going.

NWBA Championship Division Top 20

Championship Division Rankings

Junior Division Top 16 and JNIT Final 2011 Rankings

Championship Division
March 21, 2011: Final Rankings and
seedings for National Tournament:

1 Dallas Mavericks
2 University of Arizona Wildcats (MEN)
3 Orlando Magic
4 Neuroworx Wheelin’ Jazz
5 Golden State Road Warriors
6 Grand Rapids Pacers
7 Charlottesville Cardinals
8 Phoenix Banner Wheelchair Suns
9 RHI Pacers
10 Shepherd Stealers
11 Rockford Chariots
12 Kansas Wheelhawks
13 Rancho Renegades
14 Chicago Bulls
15 Houston Rockets
16 Albuquerque Kings

1. *Courage Jr. Timberwolves – undefeated – may be a back to back to back
2. * Sterling Heights Challengers – playing good ball and stalking #1
3. *Bennett Blazers – has demonstrated improvement through the season
4. *Nebraska Red Dawgs A – has played tough schedule and will be ready for Denver
5. Windy City – Scrappy group that keeps hanging in with the top teams
6. *Rancho Renegades – always plays well and represents the West at a high level
7. *Charlotte Rollin Bobcats – well coached and tough
8. *Neuroworx Jr. Wheelin’ Jazz– much improved and capable of upsetting
9. *Music City Thunder – steadily moving up with young team
10. Houston TIRR Hotwheels – some good young talent looking to surprise
11. Wheelin’ Wizards – Trying to get back to Championship Ball
12. *Long Island Lightning – new players and new attitude!
13. Katie’s Komets – roster additions provide solid relief
14. Georgia Blazers – coming together for a strong end season run
15. St. Lukes Tornados– quietly improving
16. Michigan Rollin Pistons – capable of some strong basketball


1. Dallas Jr. Mavericks– could repeat as JNIT Champions
2. Denver Jr. Rolling Nuggets– another young group coming together
3. BORP Bay Cruisers– Coach will have them ready for strong finish
4. Seattle Jr Sonics- always plays tough ball – possible top pick
5. Hammond Rollin Hoosiers– tough to beat when they bring their A game
6. Turnstone Flyers– good young talent that will push those above
7. Grand Rapids Jr. Pacers– historical program will represent for the North
8. Mad City Badgers – could come together and make a move
9. Milwaukee Heat – Don’t count them out
10. Lakeshore Lakers– young but determined to get a foot in the door
11. Phoenix Banner Wheelchair Suns– solid group that plays hard
12. Peoria Wildcats – Newcomer looking to make a name
13. Courage Jr. Gophers – plays good fundamental basketball
14. GLASA Wave
15. Michigan Jr. Thunderbirds – First timers ready to show their skills

My Tribute to Curt Brinkman

This is from an email I sent to Lorien Brinkman Bouche’, Curt Brinkman’s daughter. This is my memorial to Curt and how I, Layne Mangum, saw him.


I only met your dad about 5 years ago. I knew his name from when I was a kid (teen.) Then when I became involved in WC sports 20 years ago, I heard a great many stories of him and Mike Johnson. They were both legends in the state and looked on as deity. Really!!

Your dad was talking to Mike Schlappi and my name came up. I own a computer repair company and do a lot for Mike. Mike recommended me. Your dad called me and I met him for the first time when I worked on his computer.

Having known a few public speakers, then getting to know your dad, I have learned to read the face and body language of the motivational speaker. When in public, there is always the smile and words of encouragement for others. No matter what pain or injury they face down, they always put on a happy face for the public. Those of us that know them on a personal level know better. But it is always such a pleasure to watch them work a crowd.

I saw a lot of that in your dad the last time I was with him at the Flash game. He was so proud of you. I was sitting in my normal seat behind you and the scorers table. I looked up (as I always did) to see if he was up there. Sure enough, there he was, sitting alone.  I left my family and sat with him for most of the 2nd quarter until the end of the game.

What a blessing that I did that. I had no idea it would be the last time I would see or talk to him. As we sat there talking, I could see the pain in his face. Every time someone walked by and said hello, he would put on the happy face and shake their hands. He was such an inspiration.

He told me some of the health issues he was having and something about an upcoming surgery. He told me things he would never share with the public in general. When I left him, he seemed very content and happy to be right where he was, watching you do your job. But the pain was in his eyes.

CurtBrinkmanThis is probably something you understand quite well. It takes a HUGE spirit to swallow the pain life throws at a person and give back a smile and handshake to everyone around you. Your dad has that HUGE spirit. I will miss going to the Flash games and see him sitting up there, all alone, just watching the game, and you, proud as a peacock. I will miss my little chats with him, as we watched the game together. I will miss his friendship and his smile. Mostly, I will miss his spirit and his will to win, not just a competition, but the hearts of those around him.

Thank you for walking in his footsteps … or wheel tracks (HA!). I know that he is watching you and your family and is very proud of all of you. I was so impressed with your family at the funeral. I know how hard it is for family to get up and speak of their loved one. Been there. You were all amazing. I loved your little sister explaining why she is grateful to her parents because “without them, my sister, brother, and me would not be so pretty.”

God bless Curt Brinkman, his family, and friends. We will all miss him dearly.

Wheelin’ Jazz in Energy Solutions Arena

Coming up Oct 7, 2010, the Wheelin’ Jazz made our annual visit to Energy Solutions Arena for our Halftime Exhibition. We always enjoy our visit and had a good time. Bear took the floor with us and put n a good show.

The best part of the night was that our Juniors were able to join in the fun and get some well deserved attention. The Jazz were very generous with 50 tickets in their hospitality suite for our fans to come watch the game. Thanks to our generous fans, we were able to raise $495 for the teams.

Thanks to the Utah Jazz and our fans for making this a fun night!