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The Wheelin’ Jazz have teamed up with JDQ Sports to bring you “Doin’ Hard Work”, the first-ever behind-the-scenes peek at player’s on-and-off the court lives from the Wheelchair NBA.

With a nod to Spike Lee’s, ‘Kobe: Doin’ Work‘, filmmaker Randall Wade, explores a never before seen look at how the human spirit overcomes insurmountable odds, and draws subtle comparisons between today’s professional athletes and the 2011 NBA Lockout.

Wade documents four Wheelin’ Jazz team members journey as they drove 1500 miles, in one weekend, to Los Angeles to participate in the Nike 3on3 basketball tournament on the streets next to the Staples Center and slept at a campground to save money on hotels. Join Wheelin’ Jazz teammates Jeff Griffin, Sam Blakley, Tyler Lathem, and Layne Mangum on this quest to win by “Doin Hard Work”.


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as narrated by Frank Layden

1984 NBA Coach and Executive of the Year

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a Randall Wade Film

a JDQ Sports & Entertainment Production



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