Who We Are

Upcoming Events
We’re gearing up for a new season for our teams, Rec N Crew D3, Rec N Crew Jr, and Wheelin’ Jazz. We have a team for every level of experience. Division 3 in the NWBA or DIII was created as a developemental league to allow teams a system to develop new talent and prepare for the more competitive Championship Division. Our Juniors team give kids of any age the opportunity to play, compete, and/or get some well needed exercise. We’re proud to say that since our Juniors team was founded in 2009, we have sent many of our athletes to college with scholarships to play basketball. We’re excited as we provide a vehicle to help change the lives of so many people.

Our annual tournament will be held in November, as always the last weekend before Thanksgiving at the Clearfield Aquatic Center. This year’s tournament will be exciting as the Jr Wheelin’ Jazz are hosting the NWBA Western Regional. This means the top two teams in the tournament receive automatic bids to the National Tournament in April 2012. We will also debut our new DIII team and host Championship Division teams as well. If you would like to help, please click here to volunteer.

Our Mission
We’re on a mission. We strive to allow those that are differently abled to participate at a high level of competition and further their athletic pursuits. We understand the need for our disabled community to have an opportunity for recreational activities and offer a variety of options. We also know the importance of being role models and peers to others differently abled to let them know that life is not over because of an injury or birth defect.

What we do
Please visit our community page to see how we are involved in the cities where we live. Also take a moment to visit our fundraising links to see how you can benefit yourself while helping the team. Monetary donations are always welcome and can be made by entering an amount and clicking the donate button. The media links will have news and video clips of the team in our various activities around the valley. And of course, use the Contact Us link to find out how you can have a member of our teams come to your organization, business, or event to speak or offer an exhibition of Wheelchair Basketball. You can also visit our Blog to catch up on our past seasons and events. 

Please visit and LIKE our Facebook Pages: SLCo Rec N Crew and Wheelin’ Jazz.

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