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Marshall05Marshall Lindsay is a resident of Stansbury Park, Utah.  He enjoys all sports but baseball, football and golf are his favorite sports. He played on the Salt Lake Rush baseball team and was fortunate enough to play baseball in many cities in and outside of Utah including Cooperstown, New York, where he was inducted into the Youth Baseball Hall of Fame.  He was also a Captain and starting Center on his football team.  Marshall also enjoys school where his favorite subjects are Math and Science.  He was also elected to be a Student Body Officer at Clarke Johnson Jr. High for this coming year.

Marshall was involved in an ATV accident on September 12, 2009.  He was riding four-wheelers at the sand dunes when he was thrown from his four-wheeler down a cliff, landing on his head and breaking his back.  He was flown by Life-Flight to Primary Children’s Hospital where he was admitted and taken into surgery, and where he stayed for thirty-one days.  During his stay, the staff at Primary Children’s not only took care of him but they gave him the skills to understand and cope with his injury.

Marshall02Marshall has a partial spinal chord injury that has left him currently unable to walk.   He is undergoing physical therapy at Neuroworx, an outpatient physical therapy clinic specializing in spinal chord injuries.  Marshall’s goal is to be walking by this spring.

During his stay at the hospital, Marshall made a small video taped message to the Student Body of Rose Springs Elementary to show to them during red ribbon week, stressing the importance of helmet safety.  Marshall is alive today because he wore his helmet.

Marshall was given the opportunity to a spokesperson and guest speaker for this year’s Primary Children’s Festival of Tree’s.   He wanted to help spotlight the amazing people that helped him.  It was also an opportunity to raise money for charity care for families unable to bear the financial burden of a hospital stay.

Marshall is always looking for a way to help others.  His injury has given him different opportunities to meet and when possible help the people around him.  His injury is just a small part of who he is, but it will always be an important part of who he is growing up to be.

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