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Justin02Hi, my name is Justin Rosvall.  I am 14 years old.  I can snow ski, knee board/surf, ride my bike, play tennis, horseback ride, bowl, and wrestle outdoors with my brother.  My favorite school subject is Science (particularly Astrology and learning about our universe).

My favorite activity has always been Basketball.  I have played and enjoyed basketball my whole life.  Being able to play on the Jr. Wheelin’ Jazz is a dream come true.  I have watched professional basketball teams and wished that I could play on similar teams.  The Jr. Wheelin’ Jazz gives me that chance.  Even though I am in a wheelchair, my desire and the challenges presented to me are as great as professional players face.

I have Spina Bifida, scoliosis and hydrocephalus, which requires two shunts in my head.  I received one of the first titanium ribs placed in Utah.  I am also the first person known to break a titanium rib.  I have had about 90 surgeries in fourteen years, more than enough for anyone.  I have been in the hospital so many times that I have my own ceiling tile in the CAT scan department!

I have enjoyed many great opportunities to enlighten others of my disability, experiences and challenges that I face daily:

  • Justin01o I have been able to meet the Jazz players in the family room
    o Spoken with many individuals and groups, such as
    o Coldwell Realtors
    o BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse)
    o Osmond Family
    o Children’s Radio program in Florida
    o KBER
    o CEO of Delta
    o Vice-President of Wal Mart
    o President of Galaxy Golf
    o Participated in the Smiths Golf Tournament for PCMC
    o Interviewed for PCMC telethon
    o Child ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network
    o Been to the White House and met President Bush
    o Had a tree sponsored for him in the Festival of Trees
    o Guest speaker at a private auction for the Festival of Trees

I look forward to what my future holds. I hope to play on the US Paralympic Basketball team one day.  Participating on the Jr. Wheelin’ Jazz team is a step to succeeding in my future.

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