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nickvividsmallIn 1972 I became a T-6 Paraplegic, due to an auto/pedestrian accident, when I decided to become a speed bump.  I was 4 at the time. I had a pretty average childhood. I grew up with four brothers and all of us were pretty active.

When I was 15, I had the chance to go watch a local Wheelchair basketball tournament with a friend. Watching the tournament made me want to get involved.  I soon discovered that I loved the sport.  Basketball made me push myself to be the best I could and I thrived off the competition.  I’ve been playing the sport for 22 years and I still love the game.  I’ve been twice invited to tryout for the USA Paralympic Team. I also had the opportunity to play on the USA National Team in Warm Springs, Georgia in 2000.

Along with basketball, I developed a love for wheelchair tennis.  I enjoy the aspect of competing against myself that tennis provides and have been involved with the sport for 15 years.

I am currently working as an Assistive Technology Specialist at Tri-County Independent Living Center in Ogden. I am able to help people with disabilities obtain equipment to help them gain or maintain their independence.

One of my favorite things to do is visit with people who have recently received a debilitating injury.  I love talking with them and try to get them excited about life again through sports or community involvement.

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