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Ryan Thomas Nelson was born June 22, 1994. Ryan was a big baby 8lbs.13oz.  He looked significantly larger than all the preemies that were surrounding him in the NICU where he stayed for seven days after his birth. Ryan was born with a birth defect called Spina bifida.

Ryan has loved sports starting at a very young age. When he was around the age of five his older brother was playing soccer and baseball and he wanted very much to be on a team, and have a “coach”. We found a wheelchair basketball program that was sponsored through community ed. Ryan had a really small wheelchair and was at least 5 – 7 years younger than any of the other kids. The kids welcomed him immediately. He has spent many a Saturday in the gym playing basketball – he loves every minute. Ryan has gone on to play many sports including snow skiing, sled hockey, baseball, flag football, and tackle football.

Ryan started playing tennis in 2007 years ago. He caught on to it very quickly and soon showed he had some talent, and really started to enjoy the game. He was hooked.  He played in his first tennis tournament in 2007 and won in the juniors and “C” doubles divisions. Ryan made the Brighton High School tennis team as a freshman. Since then, he has won three National Junior titles and was chosen to represent the USA World Cup Junior team in England.

Ryan is excited to play competitively with his first love – basketball. He loves competition, and he loves to win.

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