Management Retreats


A Management retreat represents a significant investment of time and energy. Many companies refrain from holding them because they are regarded as time consuming, and perhaps even a bit frivolous. Or, they think a retreat is only for Fortune 100 corporations. However, conducted properly, they can be your best overall investment for making decisions to help move your business into a more successful future.

Being part of a small business leadership team is a lot like being enrolled in a management training program — the learning opportunities can be extremely beneficial. Leadership teams share accountability for the company’s success, and elements that must be managed include your employees, clients, and customers.

layneshawnTeamwork is usually a theme of any Corporate/Company retreat. Let the Wheelin’ Jazz help. We provide the wheels. You provide the team. Everyone gets involved and the fun begins.

A retreat can be as simple as the management team playing a fun game against the Wheelin’ Jazz. Or get in the chairs for a robust game with the managers playing on teams against each other with the winning team getting some extra vacation days or different prizes. Or do both.

When the games finish, you can have our team members give personal experiences that coincide with the goals of your retreat. Our players are always willing to give personal, touching, heartbreaking, and inspiring messages that will lift your team to higher corporate excellence.

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