APX Alarms makes Donation

Feb 27, 2010 – APX Alarm Systems recently invited the Wheelin’ Jazz to their facility in Provo, Utah to play a game against the management team. In addition, the APX Family Foundation made a $5,000 donation to Neuroworx to aid the Wheelin’ Jazz in their upcoming travels.

First up, Shawn Brenchley wanted to put his managers to the test by having them play against one another. With a trip to Disneyland on the line, they went at it for 20 minutes. Competition was fierce and when the horn sounded, nothing had been decided. It took an extra five minute overtime period to decide the game.

Then the Wheelin’ Jazz took the court. After spotting the APX managers a 10 point lead, they realized that these guys were just a bit too athletic and fell to the APX team. Wheelin’ Jazz members in attendance included Mike Schlappi, Rod Niemann, Bret Reminton, and Layne Mangum as well as Junior members Sam Blakley, Aimee Vargas, Marshall Lindsay, Jason Hall, and┬áSpencer Heslop.

After the game, Shawn Brenchley presented the donation to Mike Schlappi, member of the Neuroworx board of directors. Mike expressed his sincere appreciation for the gift and gave a short inspirational message to all that attended.

A big thank you to APX Alarms and the APX Family Foundation for the opportunity to share our talents with them, and the generous donation they offered. Please visit the APX website by clicking here.

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