Weekly Update 11/17/09

Ok, the week of our tournament is here. Friday, teams begin to arrive early in the day all the way into the night. We’re excited. It has been about 14 years since we hosted a tournament. This first one will be a challenge but it’s going to be fun.

A big shout out to Jeff Burley. Jeff is the Director of Adaptive Sports for Salt Lake County, host of our tournament. What a vision Jeff has. In the short time as director, Jeff has built a quality program which includes Basketball, Quad Rugby, Golf, Power Chair Soccer, Softball, and others. Jeff understands that if he wants to be successful, the athletes need equipment. He has purchased 10 basketball and 10 rugby chairs and continues to build his inventory. Thanks Jeff. Working together, we will build a program that will be envied throughout the country.

We finished up our T-Shirt fundraiser. We raised $3,200 of which, about $950 has to go back into producing the shirts. So we were able to add a net total of $2,250 to our budget. Unfortunately, this is far short of what we did last year when we grossed $4,800 and netted $4,200. With our current plans, we are about $1,500 short of what we need.

Thank you for your continued support. If you get a wild hair, take the donation button for a test drive. Remember we have money saving coupons that really help the team financially. You save big on services like oil changes, and 40% of your purchase goes directly to the team.


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