Weekly Update 11/07/09

We continue to prepare for our first tournament of the year. Practice sessions are lively. We are highly competetive and it helps everybody to play at a high level.

Our Juniors team is getting better each week. It will be fun to see them debut. It will be a tough weekend for them. They play one game Friday night then come back Saturday with four more games. Good thing they’re young. They’re going to need their youth.

Our T-Shirt fundraiser is wrapping up. You have maybe 3 more days to get your sponsorship. Go to tshirt.wheelinjazz.com and see the details.

If you would like to help the team and get a great deal, check our COUPONS we have for sale. Visit coupons.wheelinjazz.com for details.

If you’re in the giving mood, you can also donate to the team online at wheelinjazz.com. All donations are welcome and you know that every dollar goes to our programs. We are always grateful for any donations that come our way.

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