Playname : Press


The objective of the press is to speed up the game and get the opponent to make mistakes. We don’t need to go for steals. Turnovers and bad shots will happen if we play our position and switch properly.

The most dangerous offensive player is the one that gets momentum up the floor. We need to talk and move to anticipate the offensive movement and shut down the man with the most open lane.


Everyone in this defenses is interchangable except D5. D5 will be Bret and always Bret.

D5 is very important as you don’t completely gaurd a single man. D5 will start around halfcourt and pick up the first man that comes back to him. Be close enough that a simple pass cannot get there without some defense.

Sometimes that man will be somebody who has beat his defender and the defender is trying to stay with him. D5 and the defensive player have to commuicate so D5 stays with the player and our other defender goes back to find someone else to gaurd.


In this sequence, O1 passes the ball into O2 then makes a move to cut across O1 to rub off D3. D4 sees this move and moves out to cut off O1. D3 slides in on O2. This has to happen fast and requires talking.


D5 cannot let anyone get behind him. Stay close enough you your man but don’t get caught up in his wheels and keep your head moving so you can retreat to pick up anybody that breaks free. YOU ARE THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE.

In this case, assume O5 beats D1. D1 calls for help and D5 retreats to stay in front of O5. D1 slides over and defends O4.



Switches need to happen fast and efficient.

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