Power Animated


1) Power is designed to place our biggest offensive threats to one side of the court to run pick and roll and keep the defense focused on that side.

The topside and offside shooters are very important in this offense as the defense most likely use 3 defenders to guard 2 players.

The defense usually starts packed in the zone. It is the job of the 4 and 5 to get as close to the block as possible to set this up.

2) As the play begins, 3 and 4 are the power side. The ball is passed over to 3 who can shoot, dribble or pass. Early in the game, this shot has to be taken (and made) to make the defense believe. Once this shot is made a few times, the defense will have no choice but to come out and guard the shooter.

If the defense does not come out, shoot the ball.

We do want to run some clock and make the defense work a little. If the defense decides to sit inside and wait, pass the ball a few times to each side then take the best shot we can get.

We can also move outside the arc and fire a three.

3) Once we have established we can make a shot, the defense will have to react. When the defense comes out on the shooter, we begin our pick and roll.

4) When D3 comes out, O4 sets the pick, holds it long enough for O3 to clear, then both go to the basket against D4.

D4 will have to react to the ball, leaving a lane open to O4. If he doesn’t react to the ball, O3 has an open lane to the basket or an easy shot.

5) O4 now takes a path to the basket that creates space so D4 cannot gaurd both players.

If D4 stays with O3, O3 passes over to O4 for the basket. If D4 goes with O4, O3 can progress to the basket or shoot an open shot.

6) If D4 stays with O3. O3 passes to O4 for the easy shot.

7) If D4 retreats to guard O4. O3 gets a good shot or layup.

8) In this frame, D1 will drop down from the top to stop the progression of O4. As D1 drops down, D3 will run over the top of the screen to try to get back to O1. This is called a Triangle Switch.

If the defense responds with the Triangle Switch, O1 needs to be ready to make a run in the middle where D1 vacates. O3 can then make a pass to O1 for a good shot.

9) O1 now has a shot or a pass out to O2 who will have a good shot.

D2 may cheat over to stop O1. That allows O2 to get a bit closer if the ball comes out.

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