Public Speaking


mike_speakingEach member of the Wheelin’ Jazz has his own unique story. Each has lived his own trials and triumphs. Each also understands that everybody has their own trials and triumphs. Some disabilities are more apparent than others.

To that end, our teammates have become powerful public speakers as they showcase their own visible disability to show that with the right attitude, sense of humor, and genuine work, all obstacles can be overcome. Our team consists of World Class Athletes that have compteted on the world stage including the Paralympics, World Cup, International Tours of Spain, Japan, Thailand, and others.

mike_speaking01Our unique experiences and stories are uplifting, heartbreaking, inspirational, patriotic, amusing, funny, and motivational. We love to share with anyone willing to listen. If you, your buisness, or organization would like to have our team share our experiences with you, please email or call Layne Mangum at 801.400.2882.

Featured in these pictures is Mike Schlappi who makes a living as a public speaker. Click here to see his profile and click the pictures to see his website. Below is a a demo of Mike’s presentation.


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