Accident Prevention


paragliderOur teammates know all too well that accident prevention is the key to a healthy life. You won’t hear us talk about shutting yourself in to avoid life and all it has to offer. Instead, we want all to be safe with whatever endeavor they are pursuing.

Part of our public presentations is to share the thoughtless actions that brought about some of the conditions we are in. We share common sense principles to help young people realize that they are not invincible; that while they go about their lives, simple safety ideas can bring them home safely at night.

The picture here is one that I took on Sept 24, 2009 at the Draper Flight Park at the Point of the Mountain. After landing, I questioned the young man of about the safety of the sport. Although he is a daredevil, he has all the right gear and takes his safety very seriously. He seeks to educate others in the proper safety protocols that he practices.

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