School Assemblies


The Neuroworx Wheelin’ Jazz make it a point to get out and serve the community in various capacities. One such method is to go where the kids are. Kids are so curious and full of questions. We love to break down stereotypes and misconceptions and answer the questions directly.

We are always amazed at the questions and comments that come from the kids. We have a great time sharing our stories, insights, and experiences. We bring our basketball chairs with us and put the kids in them for their own experience shooting baskets and moving about.

When we come to a school, we usually ask the PTA to do a fundraiser that ties in to our visit. Most schools we attend will do a Disability Awareness Week that includes our visit. We are non-profit so a small donation of $300 – $500 would be helpful and it makes the kids feel proud that they were involved in helping our cause. We also feature your school on our web page and put up pictures as appropriate.

If your school is interested in having the Wheelin’ Jazz come and speak to your children, please contact Layne Mangum at

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