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Tyler Lathem

Profession: Accountant

tylerlathemI fell into Wheelchair basketball when I was 18, quite literally. I crashed a motorcycle off a cliff that left me paralyzed and unable to continue my successes as a lacrosse goalie. No longer able to compete in lacrosse, I needed to fill the void in my life. I found wheelchair Basketball at Weber State University.

I enjoyed great success on the court as a player and off the court as the Student Body President of Weber State University. I’m indebted to my team for not only teaching me how to play, but pushing me to become better and more competitive. I couldn’t have prepared myself to play with the Wheelin’ Jazz without them. I graduated from Weber State in 2010 with a degree in Business Administration and HR.

2010 was my first season playing with the Wheelin’ Jazz and I’m excited to join and help continue a successful team that has accomplished much on and off the court. I have enjoyed helping others as a public/motivational speaker and look to continue that in my life as I move forward with the team.

Look for the team and me as we do school assemblies, Utah Jazz Halftime Exhibitions, community events, and help others. We have all found that our stories and examples greatly influence the attitudes and outlook of people who are facing so many challenges in their lives.

Thank you for helping us help others and play some basketball in the process. Tyler Lathem

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