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stevenoaksI come from a family of 6 kids (3 girls, and 3 boys), I fall in the middle. I have always loved basketball, as a kid I would play for hours no matter the weather condition. My family knew every Christmas, or Easter I would always ask for a basketball! Unfortunately I was never able to play on a school team or pursue basketball as a profession due to heart problems since the age of 3. My doctors wouldn’t let me play due to the effects it could have on my heart. I never let that stop me I played any chance I got.

In 2008 I was on my way to pick up my wife from work to take her to a doctor’s appointment to check on how her pregnancy was going, we couldn’t be more excited, we were pretty much told we would be unable to have children, and now we were expecting our little miracle! On my way I was in a car accident which resulted in me having to have 4 back surgeries, the last back surgery they were implanting a device called a Neuro-stimulator to help with the chronic pain I was experiencing. Unfortunately the last surgery paralyzed me from the waist down.

It was hard to go through at first; I stayed strong thanks to my family and friends. I became a stay at home dad. Due to my paralysis, I was unable to return to the work I had been doing. My wife could see I was experiencing some depression. She knew I always loved basketball and thought it would be something I could do to help me. She stumbled upon the Wheelin’ Jazz and asked how I could join. They told her to have me come to practice. I showed up to the first practice and fell in love! It felt so good to play basketball again!

I love the Wheelin’ Jazz. It’s been such an amazing and fun experience, I love my teammates and all the other amazing people I’ve met. It’s brought some amazing opportunities my way, and has given me something to look forward to every year!

I am married to my high school sweetheart the love of my life. We have been married since 2005. We have a beautiful daughter, Roxy, our little miracle, and several pets including my service dog Zeta. We currently reside in West Jordan, Utah.

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