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Bret Remington
2 Time NBA/NWBA All Star Western Team
Profession: Financial

My name is Bret Remington. I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have maintained an active lifestyle and enjoy camping, target shooting, boating, and playing the game of Wheelchair Basketball. I have worked for quite a few years in the financial sector with Discover Financial Services and Wells Fargo Bank.

Over Half of my life ago I broke my back after getting on the back of a motorcycle in order to get myself back to school in time from lunch that first day of my High school Senior year. I was left without the use of my legs and a somewhat bad attitude about life for quite sometime.

One year after I crashed on that motorcycle, I rolled my car while driving down Parleys Canyon. I again suffered a life changing incident, though this one was much more life threatening. I was hung up on a mile post that entered my chest from the side below my left armpit and slightly poked out of my back below my right shoulder. Somehow I made it through that trial as well as the first.

I didn’t do a lot with my life for the next five years aside of starting and stopping school and wasting time. I one day decided to go out and play with the Utah Wheelin’ Jazz and see if I could play a sport like this. All the players, who are now my best friends, told me I could be a starter but it would take me a few years to get to that level. A few years came and went and it took me a few more but I did get to that level.

I have been starting for the Wheelin’ Jazz for five years now. I have been selected to two NBA/NWBA All-star teams and have played on the winning team both years. The past two seasons, I finally got over the hump with losing weight and getting in better shape and my game improved that much more. It’s no coincidence that we also made it to the Final Four in The National Tournament these past two years also. I look forward to what this upcoming season has in store.

If you were to see me off of the court on any given day you would see me as a regular 35 year old man who has worked in the credit card industry and in banking. In my spare time I love to shoot landscape, scenic and night photography. I love the outdoors and look forward each year to a four or five night camping trip all by myself in the middle of southern Utah’s deserts. I also target shoot guns and have this past summer started fishing again and have enjoyed every minute of it.

There are a few fun things that I enjoy doing to give back to the community. I have been able to attend local school assemblies with other teammates and teach the kids about disability awareness and try to educate them about many things we had to learn to get to the level of function we all have with our disabilities. We know the kids are very curious and we give them time to ask questions and interact with us. We will also bring our basketball wheelchairs to these assemblies and take five to ten minutes showing them how fast and balanced we are. We let the kids to get in the chairs and actually play with us. I also make stops at Neuroworx to see if there’s a patient that I could help in any way, even if its just someone to talk to that’s been through many of the same struggles I have been through. Sometimes the smallest things, such as a floor to chair transfer, which is so hard for a recently hurt patient, and so simple for me, is what can do more for their mentality and confidence than anything else would.

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